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True Utility


Let’s be practical, flying is not going to be a common everyday mode of transportation for everyone. Not everyone needs or wants to travel by air. At this time, it is still a convenience and luxury. However, more people could be taking advantage of the timesaving and “hassle” free travel using the OverDrive for “True Utility” in personal transportation.
Who would want to buy a OverDrive?

In short, anyone that flies! But here are a few scenarios of how people could use the OverDrive for maximum personal benefit and time savings…

BUSINESSMEN that want to live far from the hustle and bustle of city life will find the OverDrive the perfect solution. Instead of a purchasing a private plane or helicopter which are only partial answers, the OverDrive provides the greatest flexibility in driving and flying to suit the hectic schedule of any businessman. Imagine living 100 miles from the office and being able to fly over the rush hour “rat race” to arrive at your desk in just 45 minutes!

SALES PEOPLE covering a 4-5 state region with dozens of important customers can personally travel to reach them three times faster with the OverDrive. This is due to the elimination of commercial travel with rental car transfers at each end. What this means is that a salesman can visit more customers on a given day or cut down the time between visits to each customer. Directly driving to a customer’s office in a stylish sports car seals the deal for him.

PRIVATE PILOTS. One of the top complaints of pilots is being stuck at an airport for a few days because the weather “closed in” while you were away from the airplane or from encountering in route weather. But just 60 miles down the road, the weather is completely clear. Using the OverDrive in ground mode, he simply drives down the road to the nearest open airport, converts back to airplane mode, and flies back home.

DELIVERY SERVICES. Businesses requiring same-day delivery of needed items can now use the OverDrive to carry them over hundreds of miles more conveniently and in less time than with conventional ground/air transportation methods. Hospitals could use the OverDrive to carry critical items to required facilities more cheaply and quickly than with the helicopters currently in use today.